Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a pick up?

The best way would be through our online scheduling platform linked here.

What can I expect at drop-off?

A Fitted Caddie will send you a notification or text updating you on status updates. Your clothes will return neatly folded and organized in either your hamper or a Fitted Garment bag

How can I be sure my clothes are safe?

We have hundreds of washers and dryers which ensure that we never batch or ‘net’ your clothes with others.

How can I pay?

We accept all forms of traditional payment, and LionCash!

I just scheduled a pick-up, now what?

At the time of your scheduled pick-up, a Fitted Caddie will notify you via text message when they begin their route.

Who is handling my clothes?

We work with vetted laundry and dry cleaner providers that have decades of experience in garment care.

Where does Fitted pick-up and deliver?

If you are in one of our current markets which are linked here, we can pick-up anywhere that suits you best. Your home, office, dorm, gym, or whatever is most convenient.

When will virtual closet be released?

We are committed to making virtual closet the absolute best it can be and that means taking our time to roll out a super seamless experience. So stay tuned for an official launch timeline and updates on the exciting changes we will be rolling out over the coming months.

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